About Bio Dock

All Boats will foul up; it starts in minutes, yes minutes after being launched.

  Even with new anti-fouling paints,

 biofilm starts to form within minutes !!!     

We Just need Guppies

  Experts will tell you that irrespective of what poisons or concentrations are used in antifouling paints, there will be some organism that will find it scrumptious and grow. With the use of the best antifouling paint -" if there is one", the result is biofilm, sludge, weed and eventually barnacles. 

Luckily any growth is surprisingly fragile and any change in the environment will cause old growth to die away.  All that is needed is a good “Scrub” or better still, a gentle wipe. 

A friend, on seeing this rudder where the slime has been rubbed by fish swimming by, said  

“All we need is a shoal of well-trained Guppies”     

A New Micro Climate

  Bio-Dock has an underwater cover that creates a micro climate around the hull that continually changes; any change in pH will cause any growth to die and the buoyant under hull membrane will wipe the hull clean. Reverse the cover and the Bio Dock will clean itself.

The Bio-Dock started life trying to emulate a vacuum pack but tests proved that with the right choice of materials, the need for a vacuum to suck or a pump to push the cover against the hull was unnecessary.  After years of testing the result is a low cost, easily applied cover that protects the topsides from scratching and uV light and the hull from any growth 24/7. 

The boat is ready the minute it is needed.