Fitting Instructions

Your New Bio Dock

  The Bio Dock consists of a canvas topside cover that protects the hull against scratching and Uv sun rays and a buoyant membrane undercover that creates a micro environment that  also stops staining at the waterline. It polishes the under-hull and kills marine growth. The membrane is resistant to Uv radiation, hazardous chemicals and moisture ingress (<0.04%). The membrane is porous to allow the water to remain oxygenated to protect skin fittings and will remain buoyant for its lifetime. 

When you take delivery of your new Bio Dock there are a few tasks to complete before  fitting. 

1. The Bio Dock has two “Ballast” pockets positioned on the membrane stern panel. These need to be filled with approx. 1 kg each of ballast. (Lead, shingle, stones etc.) There is a Velcro® strip at the top of each pocket to prevent the ballast from escaping. This ballast helps sink the membrane under the keel during fitting and then holds the stern panel s closed once past the rudder.   

2. Numerous loops are supplied along the top and back edge of the canvas cover to attach lines in order to secure the cover once in position. These lines are also used to drag the cover down the length of the boat and so some need to be made longer during the fitting. It is recommended that the bow and two corner end lines be colour coded. These are the most important lines to identify when picking up your mooring and when reversing the cover. The other lines can be retrieved by following the cloth edge back from the bow.   


  Fitting the Bio Dock and then taking it on and off, once the cover is in the water is very easy and requires little strength. 

It can be fitted by one person but two makes life so much easier. 

Attach the two bow lines over the bow fittings and then using the two extended aft corner lines take them down the boat to approx. midships before you start pulling, do not shorten these lines until close to the stern. 

Once the other lines have been secured along the side of the boat, the two extension lines can be removed. 

Reversing. - It is recommended that the cover be reversed after each sail or when it shows signs of fouling. Untie most of the lines to loosen the cover and then pull the cover down the boat starting from the bow or amidships, pulling from the stern first can foul the membrane on some keels. Once the cover is hanging from the bow, reverse the two stern lines and pull back down the boat as per normal fitting.     

Removing the Cover

 If you are leaving your berth for some time or require to take the Bio Dock to your next port, make sure it is clean. i.e. reverse it for at least 12 hrs. 

Lifting weed is heavy and dirty so avoid it at all costs. 

Pull the cover out of the water starting with the bow panel, this is best done with two people. If possible, leave the cover to dry out slightly, the dryer the better before rolling up in the bag. 

Place the bag flat on the ground, put the cover in the centre and then close the Velcro™ edges. It is now ready to be stored.       

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